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Our technology transforms agricultural waste into biochar to regenerate soils and capture carbon while providing clean energy.

Powering the healing of the planet

About Poás Bioenergy

Poás Bioenergy is a circular economy company that is managing problematic agricultural residues deploying carbon negative systems with the vision of transforming agricultural value chains into carbon sinks.

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The problem

Agribusinesses often face two seemingly unrelated problems: 

The costly and environmental nuisance of waste biomass handling and unreliable, expensive, carbon-intensive energy

Our solution

We have developed a new gasification technology that takes in the inconvenient biomass and produces high energy density syngas and biochar. The syngas can be used for heat energy or run through a generator to provide cheap, reliable, clean energy.


The biochar can be added to crop soil where it works as both a carbon sequestration technology and a fertilizer amendment that improves the health and production of crops.

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